All About Minecraft & The Paid Accounts

Minecraft is a game that has been gaining popularity since it was first made available for PCs in the year 2009. It is now available for a variety of devices including xbox, android and playstation. Regular updates are available for all devices and each update brings with it additional features and fixes. From the classic version of the game, it has come a long way today. Even though the game has been adding features regularly, the flexibility and adaptability of the game is what makes the game so popular. It is even possible to play multiple player games through minecraft. The player hosted servers can be used to play téléchargement minecraft gratuit along with friends. You can enjoy the classic version of the game for free or you can get a premium account to enjoy the latest features and upcoming updates.

What Is A Premium Or Paid Account

If you want to get a premium account, the easiest way is to go to minecraft’s official site and make the necessary payment, create a username password and download your game. If you are strapped for cash and would like to try a free premium account, you can find that some of the forums and websites which are frequented by players do give away free premium accounts to players. Some of these are fan sites have sponsors who give away free minecraft accounts in lieu of publicity with the fans of the game. If you are planning to get a free game from these sites, ensure that the site is legit. Read reviews about the site from trusted forums and ask around your fellow gamers so that you do not end up spammed. You can also look out for the free give away week surprises organized by If you plan to get a premium minecraft account, you can do it currently as the alpha version which is now in place will cost you much less than the soon expected beta versions.

Hardcore and creative modes

You are likely to play the hardcore or the creative modes of the minecraft games if you have become sufficiently experienced. As the very names suggests the hardcore version is even more challenging where you fight off your foes and in the eventuality of your death you are not allowed to be reborn. On the other hand, at website you may download the creative mode of the play whereby you can be as creative as possible.

In all above cases you can play the games singularly or through multiple players or servers online. This gives you a chance of forming contact with thousands of similar online game players. If you browse the website of minecraft games then you will notice that they have a guide section where they give tutorials for playing any of the online game modes. You may also go through their blog so as to give yourself a fair understanding of the types of games they have.