Shailendra Singh sequoia is a leading business person

Sequoia is one of the emergent companies located in Bangalore, India. This is a venture capital company which provides various services to the small and large companies. He has been working with this company for over more than nine years including the three years in sequoia Silicon Valley. Sequoia is popular country across the globe and them mainly focuses on internet, technology, mobile and investments. Shailendra Singh Sequoia currently serves on various boards such as the free charge, Just dial, Practo, Druva,Pine labs etc. he has also invested in various MNC’s which includes the cognizant, capillary technologies, info edge, global logic etc. there are so many other companies Shailendra has worked with prior to sequoia capital.

Shailendra- A Knauffman Fellow

He has a strong educational background which has made him a knowledgeable man in the field of business. He has completed his Btech in chemical engineering from the famous IIT Mumbai and after that he received an MBA with distinction from the Harvard business school. His started as a systems analyst. The first company he worked with is the deloitte company after completing his under graduation. This was in the year of 1998-2000 and he worked for 2 years with deloitte. He became the founder and CEO of the Jalva Media Inc. He served the Bain and Company in the year of 2004 to 2005. They started his life in sequoia in the year of 2006 and he completed 9 years with this company. He is a great man and has spoken at various conferences on the digital media and he has been featured for his entrepreneurship .he is known as the Knauffman Fellow and has become a popular business entity across the world.

Shailendra is a part of various boards

Shailendra Singh sequoia has proven his skills in the field of business and he has developed his company to a great level. There are various great projects and partnerships handled by sequoia currently. Shailendra has put his great effort to this company and had made powerful team which can help the world in various aspects. This is one among the rising trend in our business field which focuses on various. There are various success stories about this entrepreneur and he is currently supporting various companies worldwide. The sequoia is one of the popular firms that can be trusted and you can get the best support from this company in various fields.