Jean Paul Gut – A Famous Personality

Jean Paul Gut was successful executive marketing director and was founder of company Armat Group in London. In 1980s he became successful in bringing up the Matra Defence in the field of marketing and international development. In the same time he was simultaneously maintaining the director’s designation in international operation. The great business man created a huge empire of prestige and status by his everlasting endeavours. He became chairman of defence as and space transport department. Jean Paul Gut was appointed as the chairman of marketing in 2006. His new foundation Armat deals with the real estate, private equity as well as asset finance; these are the major area of the work of Jean Paul Gut.

Armat group actually deals with the small as well as medium enterprises in number of sectors which are defence, media, telecommunication, sport and education. Investment in these sectors is of great worth as most of the general public deal with these sectors in bulk. These companies are on the verge of expansion of their roots in international basis. The main motive of the Armat group is to collaborate with the international companies in order to expand their business and propagate their marketing skill in whole world. In order to execute new market and maintain as well as sustain their new marketing skill and propaganda by small and medium capitalization of business. Jean Paul Gut invented the huge marketing hub in the form of renowned Armat which has its own strategies in maintaining relationships with international firms in very qualitative approach.

Armat group actually invested in the international firms which generally deal with the sectors that involve luxury, media and telecommunication, aerospace and education as well as defence sectors. Armat group deals in the sector of real estate which is being operated and run in international market of the Europe. Main sites in Europe where Armat group is executed are London, Paris, Spain and Italy. The main strategy of the collaborating firms target upon the acquisition of many sectors namely real estate, which deal with hotels, retails and offices. Other investing area of Armat group is asset financing. This sector is well maintained by the marketing strategy of the Armat group. The company has achieved the zenith of success by everlasting and strong endeavours of the working power of the company which is committed to deliver their best services to the sectors they are dealing with.